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  • What are Eazy Sheetz?


    (Note: Eazy Sheetz are NOT only for RV beds!)


    We are full time RVers who use to despise changing our RV bedsheets. With EaZy SheetZ™, we solved not one, but two common bedsheet problems. Six sided EaZy SheetZ™ encompass the entire mattress, (unlike competitors, whose sheets can still pop off the corners of the bed). The top sheet is zipped on, which means your fitted sheet CAN'T pop off the corners of your mattress. The zip on top piece also enables you to change your fitted bed sheet in only around one minute!


    Another common issue (with RV beds) is moisture beneath the mattress. Not only are these sheets super easy to change, but the material goes around the top, sides, AND underneath the mattress. With the fabric completely encompassing the mattress, the bottom piece can be removed periodically to wash away any build up which may collect underneath the mattress.


    Don't have an RV? EaZy SheetZ™ fit Standard Size and Adjustable Mattresses too!

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